QR Codes on Moving Boxes Makes Moving Easy

QR Codes on Moving Boxes Makes Moving Easy

Moving is an exciting time for many as it means a new and fresh start whereas for others it’s a dreaded thing, having to settle and adjust into a whole new place. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing that no one looks forward to is the packing bit. You have to pack everything and remember what you kept where.

Moving is a process where so much happens at once, it becomes very hard to keep track of things. When you are moved in, you see the pile of brown boxes and you feel utterly lost. People always try to write and tape a note on the box that states what the box carries. But, that really increases the chances of it being stolen.

You can imagine that if someone was trying to steal some of your boxes, they would go for the ones marked “Valuables” over the one marked “kids toys.” The first step would be to buy similar looking boxes from places like Packing Boxes. Some people have tried to be smart and named the boxes incorrectly, but it resulted in them forgetting which box had what, which led to more confusion.

QR Codes

The full form of QR is Quick Response. You basically point the barcode reader on your smartphone and then point the camera at the QR code. This can either take you to download an app or link you to an SMS or a video among many other things.

A QR code basically takes you to a link that would provide you with more information about the topic where the QR code was located. It is a very quick way to get people involved. If you leave a website they could go to or a number they could call, people always put it on later. But scanning a QR code is very easy to do.

Most of the QR codes that you will see are displayed so that people could interact with it like advertisements on a poster or even the billboard. This also helps people who released the advertisement to see how many people scanned the QR code and thus are interested in it.

Using QR codes for moving

Here are some of the benefits of using a QR code on the boxes when you are moving.

  • Details

If you put a tape on the box to remember what you have put inside, you would usually name it something vague as “utensils” or “chargers and pins.” But, if you use a QR code, you could include so much more detail in it like the names of the utensils that you have put in it. This way if you have more than one box of utensils, you wouldn’t have to open and empty each one in order to find what you are looking for.

  • Link to websites

When you dismantle furniture and other items, it is stressful when you have to put it all together and you can’t recall how to do it. One thing that could be really helpful is that you could put links to videos and websites that teach you how to put the furniture together. This way you can just scan the code and follow the instructions rather than getting frustrated.

  • Everyone has a QR code

A lot of the times, when we are moving places, we have our friends or family members around to help us as it is a huge process and we normally need all the help we can get. Getting the QR codes for the boxes is the smart move. But, it will be of no help if the people who are packing/unpacking your stuff cannot read it.

While the stuff is moving around, you will have to switch between the locations as well, which means that if you are not around, no one would be able to read the QR code, it would totally beat the purpose of getting the codes. What you could do is you could ask the people who are helping you to install the barcode reading applications so they would not have to depend on you or wait around for you to come back.

  • Colour coding

Did you know that the QR codes don’t really have to be in black to be scanned? Well, now you do! If you are moving offices then you must be having a lot of boxes and overall stuff that needs to be moved around. It would help if you would colour code the different departments.

This would avoid any confusion from happening, which could result in people losing their stuff or important documents getting mixed. You could simply look at the colour of the code on the box, without scanning it you would know to which department it belonged.


QR codes are the fairly new and an innovative idea that focuses on enhancing the customer’s interaction. Although they are mainly used in advertisements of many different types, they could be used at several other places where they would be put to a good use as well.

Only recently have people started using them on boxes while moving. You could also use them on your visiting card. This way, if someone wanted to know more about you then they could simply scan the barcode and you could lead them to a video or a website of yours.

Mentioned above are some of the plus points of using QR codes when you are moving. This would help you to specifically locate something that you are looking for instead of having to rip open all the boxes fearing that it might have gotten stolen or that you might have left it behind. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Although the cost could add up when the number of boxes is a lot, the plus points increase too. With the increase of boxes, the chances of misplacing something important increases too. Investing in QR codes could help you find the one thing that you are looking for without having to search through every box.

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