A Guide to Wedding Headpieces

A Guide to Wedding Headpieces

Your wedding is a special time. So many things go into planning a wedding. One of the most important factors is your dress and accompanying headpiece. The headpiece is the finishing touch. There is a headpiece that will complement and enhance your hair, look, style, and personality. Your headpiece can set the tone from classical to vintage to modern. A multitude of different style of headpieces is available from which to choose to complete your look. The styles range from a simple piece of tulle to elaborate tiaras and cathedral veils.

Crown Like Pieces

A headpiece that crowns your head can be quite formal like a tiara or romantic like a flower crown.


A tiara is a jewelled semicircular band. Place a tiara on the front of your head, framing your face and you will look like a princess for your wedding. Often made of crystals or rhinestones. The accent may also be on the side of the head. Make sure you check out wedding jewellery by Stephanie Browne.

Flower Crowns

A romantic crown of flowers that circles the head is a simple whimsical alternative to a tiara. Use it to gussy up your hairstyle. You will feel special and beautiful encircled with flowers.

Short Veil Styles

Short veils styles are no longer than your shoulders. Most of the veils fall above your chin.


Blushers are short veils that partially cover the face. Tulle is attached via headband or comb and it is no longer than nine inches from comb to end of the veil. These veils are quite feminine.


A birdcage veil is longer than a blusher approximately twelve to eighteen inches from comb to end of the veil. It is generally a piece of netting that comes attached to a fastener such as a comb or hair clip, elaborately decorated. These make a bold statement.

Bandeau Veil (Venetian Veil)

Bandeau veils fasten behind the ear. Position it to frame your face, highlighting your beautiful features. It offers a vintage look and works well in all sorts of weather.

Shoulder Length

A less formal option is a shoulder-length veil. These can be simple or layered. This will show off the back of your dress.

Mid and Long Veils

Where a veil falls on your body, defines the type of veil. The longer the veil, the more formal it is considered.

Mid-length Veil

Almost all dresses will look wonderful with a mid-length veil. Reaching to your elbow or waist, this is a flattering length. The skirt on your wedding dress will be accentuated.

Chapel Length Veil

A chapel length or floor length veil is elegant. It falls to the ankles or just below. It will create a greater length. An important factor is the heel height of your shoes as this will affect where the veil hangs.

Cathedral Veils

Cathedral veils fall to the floor and even beyond the hem of your wedding dress. Walking down the aisle with a cathedral veil is breathtaking. It is an elegant look. Quite often cathedral veils are worn at most of the formal weddings.

Cloche Headdress

Inspired by the 1920’s flapper styles, a cloche headdress has a piece of silk that encircles the head with tulle attached. They can add a vintage look to your wedding day.


Garlands are long strands of beads, flowers, crystals, or another material that are weaved or wrapped in your hair. They are a bohemian alternative to more formal headpieces.

Combs, Bands, and Pins

Simple combs, bands, and pins can add elegance or a lightheartedness to your wedding attire.


Beautiful faux flowers attached to a comb that can be placed in the hair at an angle to complement your hairdo. The comb can be used to anchor and highlight a beautiful hair updo.


They are statement headbands that twinkle with crystals in the lights. They are made with lush fabrics such as velvet adorned with elegant flowers or pearls. They complement almost any dress.


An easy way to add elegance is by using a beautiful pin to decorate an elaborate hair updo or add a pop to loosen the hair. You can also use several small pins to accent your hair. They are a romantic accent to add to your look.


All the styles mentioned are extremely versatile. They can be worn with a variety of hair and dress styles. The headpieces and veils can be decorated with almost anything from delicate flowers to crystals to stars. Veils can be untrimmed or trimmed in satin. They can have embroidery. Remember the headpiece is an accent piece. You do not want it to cover up your wedding dress, especially if there are significant details.

Make use of short or sheer veils if there are details on the back of your dress that you want to be seen. If it is an outdoor wedding, consider the weather. If it is windy, add details such as bead or crystals to weigh down a longer veil or simply choose another veil style.

Keep in mind that the more detail added, the heavier the veil will be. Different hairstyles need to be considered to support the headpiece chosen. Your choice of wedding headpiece should make you feel beautiful and confident. It should be a reflection of you.tach with a comb

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