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nike basketball shoes australia If these 4 elements persist – and there is no real good reason that they shouldn't – we might be considering the full fledged designer explosion in a decade roughly. Movie review: Annabelle, the 'haunted' doll, will never scare The Conjuring fansNobel Peace prize for Malala and Satyarthi binds India, Pakistan more ». Any time you speak with people at the very top fashion houses abroad (on the amount of say, Chanel or Hermès), they seem captivated by the skill-sets of Indian craftsmen. 60 mn still need himBang Bang vs Haider: Who's making money for the power word of mouth publicity. The situation with all the West, they will explain, is the fact that it is all totally now made in huge amounts and industrially manufactured. As global demand for what are named as luxury brands continues to grow, companies have raised margins by shifting production to cheaper industrial hubs in Taiwan, China, Korea or Thailand. The concept of craftsmanship – which has been in the center within the notion of luxury – has been lost.

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